Good news for ICT Producers

In the circular economy, everyone from product owner and user, to recoverer and recycler, everyone has a role to play in making sure this process works effectively. And, that starts with building in transparency and responsibility so that we can take control of what happens with our equipment when we no longer need it. The Recover-E® Program is a shared responsibility solution that helps us do just that…in a smart, circular way.

Easy Integration of Recover-E®
in your reverse-logistics program

Did you know that as a manufacturer, you can play an even more important role in optimising re-use and recycling programs? When your customers adopt Recover-E®, you can quickly and easily enter details of the hardware serial number, BIOS, ROHS and even the components into the Recover-E® LogIT database at the point of delivery.

This information can be used to optimise the re-use and recycling of ICT products as well as the recovery of materials. The Recover-E® Program only works with recognised and certified recycling companies and actively works to stimulate the use of innovative recycling and handling techniques.
You can rely on us to manage the products’ flows and materials before they becomes waste, and to bridge the gap between recycler and producers, so that improved design can be incorporated for better performance and more effective dismantling and recycling.

Safeguarding our Raw Materials

There are some materials and minerals in the technology industry that play a crucial role in the products and services delivered. In fact, the ICT industry is dependent on them. This brings new challenges given the scarcity and soaring cost of these raw materials. Companies are gradually realising they need to make business-changing decisions in order to safeguard future supplies.
With Recover-E ®, we focus on all elements of the chain, from optimal product design to optimal product re-use. Only then, can recycling make maximum use of existing raw materials.