Good news for ICT Users

In the circular economy, everyone from product owner and user, to recoverer and recycler, everyone has a role to play in making sure this process works effectively. And, that starts with building in transparency and responsibility so that we can take control of what happens with our equipment when we no longer need it.
The Recover-E® Program is a shared responsibility solution that helps us do just that…in a smart, circular way.

Tapping into Hidden Values

The re-use of depreciated ICT hardware often delivers a higher economic return than recycling alone. And, with the correct management from the point of initial purchase, this can a longer product and re-use life. Long after you have placed your hardward in Recover-E®, you still continue to track its re-use and value as it passes through the value chain.
Being part of the Recover-E® process means that you can directly support good or even better recovery of the products components, which ultimately helps to protect the dwindling raw materials supplies.
Once you have tapped into the hidden values in your ICT equipment, it’s up to you to decide how to use or distribute them.

Recover-E® Program – How it Works

The first stage is to define your partnership contractually with the Recover-E Foundation. Typically the contract covers all new equipment you purchase during the term of the contract (3-5 years). This ensures the contract is linked to the ICT hardware you purchase, and the hardware is discretely labelled so it can be identified as part of the Program.
Recover-E® then provides all the services during the products’ lifetime in line with the agreements and your specific requests regarding product re-use, recycling, innovation and donations.
You do not need to pay for these services, but you are responsible for transporting the labelled equipment and make it available to the Recover-E® Foundation.
At the end of the contract period, the contract itself can be closed or extended, and we will ensure that the labelled equipment is appropriately processed until the end of its life.

Recover-E® Services

We provide a range of recovery services to ICT users including:
  • Registration and labelling of purchased ICT equipment
  • Real time Asset Management of assets (new, re-use, spares, locations)
  • Registration of all movements using time-stamps
  • Project planning of on-and off-site services including logistics
  • Data-wipe of transferred equipment according to Blancco licenses
  • Blancco certificates (French, German, English) for 1st user
  • Refurbishment of equipment for re-use
  • Remarketing and redeployment of equipment within re-use programs
  • Management of obsolete equipment, disassembling using re-integration programs of Salvation Army
  • Preparation for recycling

The Recover-E® Foundation also reports annually to all its stakeholders, producing a detailed report on the re-use, recycling and financial aspects of your ICT equipment.

Usable, Affordable Devices for Employers

If you are a business owner or manager, your employees may also be given the opportunity to use old or discarded ICT equipment as second users for their own private purposes. Connect with us to find out how.