The Story

Sharing responsibilities starts with you…

As business and private users of ICT equipment, selling, donating or simply disposing of our old or aging products typically marks the end of their use. But have you ever thought about what happens with these products after that? And, did you know that value can continue to be extracted even though these old computers, monitors, phones and servers are no longer of practical use to us?
We want to make ICT equipment use more controlled, more responsible and easier for you because by doing so, we can improve the financial, social and ecological costs and benefits of using this equipment at the same time. That’s good news, for you and for society.
Recover-E® is a shared responsibility program that is firmly rooted in the circular economy, the products and the materials they contain can remain valuable and reusable for as long as possible. By involving everyone from product owner and user, to recoverer and recycler in this approach, there is no waste. Instead, we can increase transparency in the chain by encouraging each player to contribute to and take responsibility for the solution. In this way, everyone has a shared responsibility for the highest shared benefits.
The Recover-E® Program is a shared responsibility solution that helps us do just that… in a smart, circular way.

Linear and Circular Economies in Brief

In the linear economy, products typically end up at the rubbish dump or in an incinerator once they have outlived their usefulness.
In the circular system however, the focus is on ensuring the products and the raw materials they comprise do not go to waste. This can be achieved by improving the ability to reuse and recycle products, whether through product design, production processes, business models or a combination of the three.
The Recover-E® Program enables all users of ICT equipment to make a contribution to this circular economy, by thinking and moving beyond the end-of-life-cycle limits of a product and towards more circular concepts right from the moment of equipment purchase.

Your Power, Our Shared Responsibility

Recover-E® Program recognises that as private and business consumers, we all have some power in determining how products are purchased and treated throughout the value chain. We can help you make the most of this power through our shared responsibility. The shared responsibility model can be used in negotiations with the ICT equipment suppliers for example and other members in the chain, so that our efforts can be focused on optimal product (re)design, re-use and recycling.

Did You Know…

…that your depreciated ICT equipment contains multiple values through re-use? Donating the equipment to communities or charitable foundations are just two examples. The value locked up in the raw material components within these products represents another more forward thinking value.
Recover-E® helps unlock these hidden values so that the whole chain can benefit environmentally, economically and socially. Click here to read more in the Environmental, Economic, and Societal Perspectives.

Data capture and logging

LogIT is an ingenious tracking and tracing system which records and maintains accurate information on the ICT life cycle. As the backbone of the Recover-E® program, LogIT ensures every link in the chain works so that product and waste flows can be optimised.
Through LogIT, all stakeholders in the chain have access to transparent information and reports on product and financial flows. Shared information leads to shared responsibility, an important factor in creating more value and a circular economy.