The Knowledge Perspective

Transparency, Access and Performance

The LogIT tracking and tracing system enables you to keep clear and transparent information on your ICT products as they move through the value chain. Reports on the status of the equipment and the added value it generated are prepared and delivered to those stakeholders requiring them.
When you are ‘in Recover-E®‘ all parties active in the chain, become part of a community, sharing insights, driving improvements and promoting innovation.
LogIT, Use it, Transform it
As the informational backbone of the Recover-E® Program, the LogIT database not only stores all the data related to your ICT equipment, but transforms it into useable information that can make a real difference. Here are just a few of the insights LogIT can provide:
  • Wall2wall asset inventory (locations)
  • Asset storage position (new, re-use, spares, etc.)
  • Contract information
  • Project planning of on- and off site services
  • Status of refurbishment and handling
  • Data wipe reports, linked to Blancco certificates
  • Registration of assets using barcodes
  • Real time Asset Management
  • Time stamps of all movements
  • Destination of re-use
  • Composition of equipment (serial nr’s, BIOS, IMAC, parts etc.)

Bridging the Recycler-Producer
Knowledge Gap

Design for disassembling and design for recycling are important principles in the circular economy. The Recover-E® Program encourages the exchange of information between ICT hardware manufacturing and end-processing parties. The experience and insights extracted from our database together with the use of innovative recycling processes equips these end-processing companies to engage with manufacturers in optimising product designs.
By bridging the gap between product design on the manufacturing side, and recycling on the end-processing side, we can focus on implementing the appropriate improvements on both sides of the chain – an approach which is in line with the new requirements for re-use and recycling in the European WEEE Directive.

Reporting on Impact

The Recover-E Foundation reports annually to all stakeholders, providing details on ICT equipment re-use, recycling and financial revenues. The reports not only highlight the added value of the Recover-E® Program but also outline the Program’s impact on the environment, economy and society. They are also invaluable to manufacturers and governments alike, providing a rich source of information for research and innovation.