The Economic Perspective

Unlocking the Value in Your ICT Equipment

The re-use of depreciated ICT hardware often delivers a higher economic return than recycling alone. Through Recover-E®, we aim to maximise the retrieved value by introducing a re-use program based on use contracts and a fair price for end-users. Improving management of the processes between initial and second use contributes to a longer life (and use) for the product, unlocking higher retrievable value along the chain. More importantly, the Recover-E® LogIT tracking and tracing system means you can record and maintain up to date information on all your ICT equipment at any stage of its life cycle.

Funding Innovation

Funding innovation is critical to the functioning of any circular economy. In Recover-E®, we have established a separate foundation for this purpose.
In agreement with the initial purchasers, a proportion of the revenues generated from the re-use of ICT equipment is held in the foundation’s Innovation Fund and allocated to recycling and materials recovery innovation. The only thing you need to do is label the equipment and transport it to the Recover-E® Foundation.
Please contact us for further details on revenue management and service fees.

Take a Look Inside

Today’s modern electronic devices such as a mobile phones can contain more than 40 chemical elements. This includes base metals such as copper and aluminum, special metals such as cobalt, indium and antimony, as well as precious metals including silver, gold and palladium. Many of these metals have unique physical and chemical properties that cannot be replaced in current solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars.
In the EU we are highly dependent on imports of these metals as our own domestic production is limited to about 3% of world production. The market prices for these materials are not only volatile, but seem likely to increase in the near future. A stable price and secure supply of these raw materials is extremely important not just for manufacturers, but ultimately for the entire ICT chain. Recover-E® is your first step towards a secure and continuous supply of resources.

Helping You Build Circular Business Models

In the circular economy, real benefits can be derived from the supply chain itself by sharing data within a perfectly closed loop. This is a pre requisite for new business models that are based on providing services. Performance-based service contracts are a good example of this.
But where do you start with building these models? How are services defined? And, how do you deal with the financial and legal components?
Recover-E® is working hard on delivering the solutions which will help answer these questions and implement new models for managing operational lease and other processes. What we have learned could help you too.