The Societal Perspective

From Shared Responsibility to Shared Value

Good ICT management is the shared responsibility of the entire chain.
The ICT equipment you write off may still be in good working order, and in many cases can be of great benefit for others.

With Recover-E®, the benefits don’t have to stop when you no longer need your old computers, mobile phones and servers. By deciding how you would like the equipment to be re-used – whether by your employees, for private purposes, or other organisations such as schools and charitable foundations for example – you are extending the benefits to communities just a little bit further.

Recover-E® – Enabling the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Netherlands-based charity that supports and empowers vulnerable, marginalised members of society and involves them in optimising the logistics chain for their reintegration programs. And, the initiative is creating positive impact in many communities across the country, providing opportunities for education and personal development.
Recover-E® underpins the important work that the Salvation Army is doing by offering our handling, testing, refurbishment and disassembling support in their reintegration programs.

You Direct the Value

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Recover-E® Program is that it lets you decide where the financial return flows (i.e. the financial revenue derived from products as they pass along the life-cycle). Through Recover-E® you can involve your stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, and manufacturers to charities.
This more socially responsible form of ICT management can also help enterprises by complementing both their corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

From Products to Services
the Circular Economy on the Move

As the focus begins to move away from the selling of products and towards the selling of services, this shift in the circular economy can provide good opportunities to increase employability.
Recover-E® focuses on facilitating and supporting innovation in recycling and the development of other services related to re-use and refurbishment. We provide specific product flows for new recycling techniques, working with you to achieve innovation and sustainability in new ways. This also contributes to the continuous innovation needed for business continuity. Join us, and be part of the movement.