Subsidy granted for project “Circular economy for ICT hardware”

This week we received the message that Recover-E® is granted with a subsidy for the project “Circular economy for ICT hardware”.


For the implementation of Recover-E® we submitted a project plan together with our partners Resteel BV and TU Delft under the grant scheme ‘clusters in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’. The grant scheme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the EU. This week it was announced that the grant is awarded, because the plan fits perfectly within the subsidy policy from the province of North Holland. The grant accounts for a sum of money for a period of two years (40% of the estimated project costs).


TU Delft and Resteel BV provide in this project valuable support in developing new innovative recycling techniques. One of the most rapidly growing and compositionally complex waste streams is waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), in particular ICT equipment. The ICT market continues to expand and innovation cycles are becoming shorter. The presence of hazardous materials and rare earth metals in ICT equipment causes major difficulties in the waste phase, recycling of ICT equipment is not undertaken to a sufficient extent and lack of recycling results in the loss of valuable resources.


We are very happy with this flying start. The project will consist of seven subprojects. The kick off will take place on a short notice.


EUlogo.png This project is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund