How it works… Track it, Trace it

Re-using, recycling and recovering old ICT equipment can help generate value for you and society. Doing that safely and sustainably calls for Recover-E®, the circular approach to generating more from your ICT equipment.

Tracking and Tracing Throughout the Chain

Our Recover-E® Program works with an ingenious track and trace system that provides an overview of ICT equipment and its component parts at every stage of the chain from initial purchase to end-of-life.

Transparency Built In
Customers can access the system to record and maintain up-to-date information on all their ICT equipment as it passes through the purchase and use phases. The data can be stored in customers’ configuration management databases (CMDB).

The Works
The track & trace system works by connecting a Bluetooth scanner to a specially designed app to record product and component data. With all the data gathered, the system can really come to life, examining each link in the chain, focusing on specific product, components and material flows, and adding value through continuity in customers’ ICT management processes.
The track and trace system can be used to manage logistics, certify data wiping, check equipment and repairs, as well as identify and replace missing or damaged parts.

Continuous Value Generation
The system itself is linked to a database that holds a range of information on the product, its composition, recycling and recovery status.
Most uniquely – and perhaps importantly of all to ICT managers – the financial value of the equipment is monitored through the entire ICT Life-cycle chain meaning that you can see in real time, how your products continue to create benefits long after the first purchase.

From Data to Information to Reporting

In the Recover-E® Program, all parties involved contribute to a community that shares insights. This is where true ICT chain-management, improvement and innovation starts.
The track & trace system enables stakeholders to access and maintain clear and transparent information about finance, materials and other information on products through the entire value chain. Everything in the ICT Life-cycle chain is logged and accounted for.
The system database is managed by Recover-E Foundation, a body which consolidates and prepares the information for annual reports to stakeholders and details the ICT equipment re-use, recycling and financial values. The reports not only highlight the added value of the Recover-E® Program, but also outline the Program’s impact on the environment, economy and society.